Yes I’m on Atkins.

The Atkins Diet (or more officially, The Atkins Nutritional Approach) does have a particular appeal to me. It doesn’t work for everybody, definitely. And there are other diets out there (South Beach is another good one) or other ways to lose the poundage. But more importantly, Atkins is something I’m just absolutely comfortable with.

It’s the meat. All the meat you can eat. I’m a dude, and dudes eat meat. Yeah I’m cool with the occasional salad, bowl of yogurt or tuna casserole, but seriously, nothing is as satisfying as a large slab of steak and a side of veggies.

For the uninitiated and the uninformed, Atkins can be quite the challenge- you have to get rid of virtually ALL carbohydrates in your regular diet (at least for the first 14 days). For Filipinos and Asians, that’s a LOT of food. Kiss your bowls of rice goodbye, your plates of pancit and mami (noodle dishes) goodbye, nor can you have desserts, or even fruits! Your usual snacking options are now thrown out the window- no chips, no soda, no iced tea, no coffee, no candies or chocolates, absolutely none of those.

You can have a sandwich if you want, but don’t eat the bread đŸ™‚ So yes, if you just aren’t used to it, it does present itself as a challenge.

Anything else, is relatively fair game- meat of pretty much all kinds (beef, pork, lamb, chicken, etc.) , all kinds of seafood, all kinds of vegetables. Cheese is alright, butter is alright, nuts are alright. So it’s not all that bad. I say any diet that lets me eat a whole rack of baby back ribs and wash it down with a glass of red wine is just totally awesome.

Oh don’t forget to couple the diet with a good exercise program.

I must admit, I’m not an expert on Atkins, but I’ve seen it work wonders for me. And I’m just all too glad to help other guys out. Atkins, in my opinion, is a dude’s diet. Dudes who have a more than a little extra chunk and hate controlling their calorie intake- like me.

But if you’re just, say, 10 to 20 pounds overweight, you’re really just better off working out some, or if you have to, do South Beach. Like I said, Atkins definitely isn’t for everybody.


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