Wanna know your true self?

Hey. If you’re the type who digs checking out online personality quizzes and all, you may want to check out PersonalDNA.com. All you have to do is take a short little quiz, answer as truthfully as you can, and get your results right away!
According to these guys, I’m supposed to be an “Advocating Leader”- like Adolf Hitler, only a lot more nurturing. Or something like that.
Though it would be nice to know what other kinds of personalities you have out there. Or what kind of percentage of people who’ve taken the test are the same as you are. Or what kinds of people you’re likely to get along with, or butt heads with. In any case, it was entertaining enough to warrant me writing about it. Read more about my results right here.
Do check it out. In the meantime, I’ll go fancy myself as a William Adama. With my own battlestar to command and all that.


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