Checked out Facebook yet?

Holy crap! If you guys haven’t tried out Facebook yet, maybe you should give it a whirl. I just spent an entire Sunday morning trying out all the cool apps on it: you could make your very own Simpsons and Southpark avatars, load a couple of widgets on your favorite shows, take some personality tests, share files, and a whole lot of other great stuff.
I’ve been using Facebook these days to keep in touch with my relatives (Mom’s side, anyway). Yeah you could make new friends too, look for new business contacts, or just plain network away to your hearts content. Compared to the other online social networking sites, Facebook sure is choc-full of fun, but for some reason (I may have just missed it though), I couldn’t seem to find a way to customize the URL to make it more ‘me’.
In any case, you may want to check it out. Look me up, add me to your ‘Friends’ list. Should be awesome.


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