Keeping Track can be such a Bitch.

As many of you already know, I’ve embarked on a project to give myself a better presence online. I mean, now that I’m into the whole writing-SEO-SEM thing, I might as well use myself as a guinea pig, right?
Right on!
So, what do we have goin’ on right now? It seems that I have taken a liking to for blogs, and for online networking. There are actually several blogs up, each one for a particular topic of interest.
Check these out:

  • The Andimandie Show. On Vox. It’s a site I maintain for work, so I thought I should make it fun while I’m at it. Oh, it’s about the imaginary ramblings of my three cats.
  • Renzie’s Recreation Roundup. Also on Vox. Yeah, I got some geeky stuff in it- my homage to my favorite games, TV shows, music and movies. It’s all good, man.
  • My profile on Facebook. Great site. Incredibly customizable, lots of fun features. You can’t help but keep comin’ back.

Yeah we got more goin’ on. Lot’s more. For other blogs, check these out:

Blogspot. Great place. Functionally simple, very user-friendly, and easy-to-use. You have this one here, my main blog, but you also have two others:

  • Raised on Radio. My personal recommendations on music and music mixes. Music appreciation for all, baby, yeah!
  • Take Charge, Live Large. Inspiration and empowerment essentials for leaders and leaders-to-be. Started as part of a mentoring campaign for work, but hey, maybe we should share all this stuff as well, right? Work in progress, man. Bear with me.

WordPress. They got great templates and formats that make your blog look real kick-ass. A little complicated, but it’s cool once you get the hang of things.

  • The Life & Times of The Renzie Man. This one’s all about me. Bachelor livin’, grindin’ and kickin’ it in Metro Manila. Great for people who’d like to have a look of how it is to live solo in the Philippines.
  • Keyboard Monkeys! Resources for writers everywhere. Look, I’m new myself. So here’s a little something for everyone who’s decided to devote some time blogging and maybe writing for a living- sure helps pay the rent!
  • The Kittie Konnection. More stuff about cats! This one also links to work somehow, but pretty much this also a little more personal and professional at the same time.
  • The Life You Like. My take on Health, Wellness and Work-life Balance.
  • Primitive Radio God. More stuff on music, and the stories behind the music. More personal. This one features my more favorite songs, and why I dig them so much!

LiveJournal. Real simple, almost spartan- but fairly functional enough. The beauty of it is in the privacy. Seems to link in nicely with Vox, but I’ll have to figure this one out a little bit more.

Check out these two photo bins: I have one at Multiply and another at Flickr.

For social networking, we have the aforementioned Facebook. But we also have profiles on Friendster, MySpace, Yahoo 360, Flixster and Tagged.

So yeah. Wow, that’s a whole lot of stuff to keep track of, huh? I suppose maintaining them is gonna be a bitch. At least until I figure something out.

Oh well.


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