The Big Step Forward

It seems that life, for me, began at 33. I’ve never had this kind of clarity ever before. I’ve decided to take a major step forward in my life, and yeah, it’s just awesome.

It would really be great to do nothing but sit around at home all day, playing games and watching DVDs- but after 2 months of that- it got incredibly boring!

Which made me think, really. What did I really want to do? I definitely want to make cash, but none of the responsibilities (at least as little as I could possibly have). So that’s goal #1: Finding a fairly laid-back, but just as financially and mentally rewarding day job. Why laid-back? Because I also wanted to do other things OUTSIDE work: I’d like to hit the gym, I’d like to learn me some new skills, like SEO, internet marketing, etc, I’d like to have my own businesses. And more importantly, I’d like to spend time with the important things in life- my family and friends.

Yes, it can be done. And all this- this blog- is all about my new life. I love it that I have been in radio for the past 12 years, that I’ve run a floor with as much as 120 agents at any given time, and that I’ve been directly involved in making business better for the last radio station I worked for.

This is a time for making new friends and allies. A time for discovery and a time for learning. This blog, ambitious as it may be, is for everyone who has taken a brave big step forward- scary, yes, but terribly fulfilling in the end.

Good luck to us all! Cheers!


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