I suppose we should be getting on with our lives now?

Gotta thank TV for coming out with a lot of great stuff this past season.

Heroes from NBC was probably the most noteworthy of them all. Great character development, excellent story and plot twists, giving you just enough of your fix this week so that you end up at the edge of your seats by the end of the episode, anxiously waiting for the next week’s show. Well done, Tim Kring, well done.

Then you have Grey’s Anatomy (season 3), Scrubs (season 6), My Name is Earl (season 2), Veronica Mars (season 3) and, of course, Lost (season 3). All these shows I’ve religiously downloaded each and every week, thanking the gods of broadband how life has been made so much better with file-sharing from fellow file-sharers.

So now that its all done, what next?

While waiting for the networks to build and hype their line-up of shows for the fall season, it might be prudent to actually get off your ass and re-discover the world you’ve so thoughtlessly left behind.

In my case, it’s work. Apparently, I’ve been too busy recreating these past several months, that I’ve actually put a very important task- making money- completely on hold. Gotta keep making money to do the things you like to do, you know.

And so I decided to get into some writing. Serious writing. In fact, the kind of writing that gets paid (like copywriting and doing SEO for a bunch of Australian websites), with a number of blogs going on to help hone my craft.

Blogging, I suppose, helps build a good network of like-minded individuals. For one, I would like to see how this all figures out in giving any business or project an online presence, which hopefully can be translated into actual revenue. It IS very much possible- and as I discover more about it, I hope to document it all here on this blog.

So there’s writing, and the continuing quest for the perfect new career, and a couple of projects I really want to get off the ground. All these things to supposedly keep me occupied, at least until the next batch of great TV shows comes around to bring back the couch potato in me.

(Hey, anyone seen that new take on The Bionic Woman?)


2 thoughts on “I suppose we should be getting on with our lives now?

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging *lol* I’m a heroes addict. Can’t wait for Heroes:Origins and Season 2. 🙂

    Writing now huh…

  2. Yes Patty, definitely 2 things to look out for. Haha it seems you’re really quite the fan =)

    According to TV.com, we’ll be having about 6 episodes of Heroes: Origins, which will be aired during the mid-season break of Heroes Season 2.

    God, I remembered being soo left dangling with this last mid-season break (right after Sylar and Peter first square off, and Claire was saved). So yeah, having 6 extra episodes to tide you over is just alright =)

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